Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As midnight strikes, it marks the very last day of 2009. It's time to usher in 2010, and bid farewell to 2009. Thank you 2009 for all the wonderful, bittersweet, ups and downs..everything..Welcome 2010, for all the things of the past of 2009 shall be left behind in wonderful memories :), those which would not make memories shall be discarded. Time awaits no man, hence the blog name keepmovingneverlookback, may I be one step closer to never wasting time brooding on unnecessary things which would be totally futile. Honestly, I find it easier said than done..cause as human beings an incident does not just automatically erase from our minds in the next second. It can have huge impacts, but our mind can control our emotions, what we choose to feel, how we choose to move on in life. If it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger.

In times of happiness, in times of success
Everything seems so perfect, a smooth road lays ahead
Sometimes, when things don't go our way,
We lose all hope, dwelling on the failure
But no success comes without any disappointments or failures
Maybe yea, one in a million or a blue moon
Mishaps are the stepping stone to success
Do not let them shatter your dreams or make you weary
Coexist with failures, turn them into your advantage
Taking them as precious lessons, and a new piece filling the puzzle of success
Success in life is not a measure of only wealth, fame and money
It is the achievement and the battle won over all failures
The character that has been molded no say 'never give up' :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Living well

A friend once told me, the best way to get along with people is to never judge them. It doesn't mean that we cannot build perceptions of other people, or have certain preferences; it simply means to accept the fact that everyone is unique and different in their own ways, and if we really find it difficult maybe its best to be at arms length. Just my two cents on this issue, I found it true since we have no right to judge others, everyone has their own reason for behaving or acting in a manner, well as long as its not something so abnormal or disturbing, we have to respect that. If we really find it annoying or disturbing, perhaps just move away. All of us have our own life principles, which everyone owes no explanation to each other. Simply accepting people for who they are certainly makes things more transparent and taking away so much superficiality and wearing a mask.

Monday, November 30, 2009

new year resolutions

Since 2009 is drawing to an end, I thought of writing something about new year resolutions. Personally, year in, year out, I've discovered that many goals are set for the new year, all full of energy and enthusiasm to reach all the goals nicely written out in a list. Nevertheless, life is never smooth sailing and sure enough I find many barriers and interruptions shattering all those goals, everything seems to crumble down and not a single goal can be achieved. In my opinion, it's actually good to set resolutions or goals so that we can have an aim and direction in life instead of just drifting along, since time waits for no man :). However, setting a long and rigid list may get us too excited and once a small matter doesn't work out, we lose all hope to achieve anything. Once again, it differs for everyone, some may already have a very clear direction and aim after a long time of planning, and so setting very specific goals is absolutely practical. I think that in setting new year resolutions, it good to anticipate and be mentally prepared for any unforseen circumstances. That way, when something goes wrong, we're already geared up for it, can keep our cool, and maybe even turn the situation around into something better. 2010 is coming really soon..a whole new year to look forward too..

"People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It's as simple as that." - Earl Nightingale

"Focus on your potential instead of your limitations." - Alan Loy McGinnis

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." - Zig Zigle

Friday, November 27, 2009

2009 is almost drawing to an end

Wow, its almost the end of 2009 as the month of December begins. Time really flies...I'm still having the post-exam effect, brains will fully work hopefully next week :p

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

its almost the end of 2009!

Time really flies, we're now in the month of November, 2 months more to conclude the year 2009. Finals would be coming up soon, assignments handed in this week, and after that need to think how I can make the holiday fruitful lol. I would like to thank my group members for the diff subjects dis sem for being so co-operative and above all I thank God for giving me strength to carry on till today :) many things have happened, and I've learnt not to be so naive compared to foundation years, I'll probably try to laugh it over when I think of it today lol. Please everyone, and be a fool :p. i found that it'll be impossible to please everyone, no matter what you do, there r ppl who wil still dislike you. In addition, I've learnt to stand up for my own rights and know that I have my prerogative in all situations, no one can force you to do anything if you can overcome your own self-consciousness :)there's so much more to learn in life, everyday is a new day I look forward to become stronger.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to stop being emo

I'm trying so hard during this period, I know being emo makes no difference, in fact sometimes it makes situations even worse.

1. Get hold of the reasons for being emo
2. Learn what you can do about it (talk to someone, take some actions etc)
3. Know that life doesn't always go as you wish it to be (if it does, we'll never have any stress!)
4. Commit and trust in God (first priority, human beings can't even know what is to come in the next second, minute or hour)
5. Don't kick yourself when things don't turn out, don't blame yourself or anyone else. But if there's a problem, discuss with family/friends what you can do a bout it to rectify the situation.

Brain blank now. Can't think anymore -.-

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A new day awaits..

Blog finally updated during this long weekend :) Been a bit emo the past week, but getting better..hahaha..I just wanna thank God for giving me strength to continue on and never give up..When I reflect back all the years of my life and what I've achieved, I know I would never have made it without Him..even for everything I'm going through now..thank you for giving me this life, although everything comes to and end, I will do my best while on this earth..thank you for giving me everything and more than I have ever needed :) Everday is a new day I can look forward to, because everything that happens in under Your control..

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Just saw this video on youtube, from ann :) truly inspiring ad for me, of course i may not face such extreme situation like shown, but I can clearly see that no matter how people try to pull you down, if your will is strong, they don't matter any more. You don't need to prove to them anything, but push yourself to achieve your true potential!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

last post

this is probably gonna be the last post until after mid term break..things have been really busy, have learnt to deal with various situations, learning to keep calm in anything..prom nite is coming up soon, hope all things go smoothly :) I still haven't got anything ready for prom, I think I will just get the shops to recommend clothes, hair n all dat, if not I"ll be spending so much time researching on the net, I've got a rough idea hopefully it turns out alrite =.=. 2 tests next week! assignments, n so many things, hope I can focus hahahah

Saturday, August 22, 2009

time never stops

I'm trying to keep up with time like I'm running a marathon..2moro's Sunday..a day of rest before a hectic week awaits me..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week 2

Resolutions, schedules MUST start tomorrow. Hope everything goes smoothly, council stuff and planning to join badminton club with friends...assignments, classes, lectures tutorials. I will keep moving on starting now, not looking back or kicking myself for anyting..juz gonna learn from it and move on..I'm so happy and hope I can stick to the resolutions, learn to be less self conscious, meet new people and just make the best of life!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 4

Last class for this week. Tutorial registration was pretty good, numbering system :). This is the last week I can relax and get stuff done since there's only lectures this week. Gonna need to have proper schedules by next week, and really stick to the resolutions not to think so much anymore, and make the best what I can. Parents have really given me every single thing I have ever needed and built my character to the best they can. I've to maintain results to keep my JPA going, and looking at all this, it really gives me motivation to do my best. Not going to be stressed up anymore this sem, just gonna do the best, and trust in God :). Cuz really, there's no point in pushing so hard getting worried and stressed about things, makes no difference, actually aggravates the situataion. I'm not going to worry about relationship issues, just mix around with people I can get along with. Last time I used to be open to new people, but as time went by, I've learnt not be so naive, simply helping people before knowing them much.which had caused myself so much hurt last time =.= so yeah now, first impression I might seem a bit unfriendly sometimes LOL I'm not going to worry about boyfriend issues anymore, I know none of these materialized before this, I knew it wasnt going to work, so before anything i just stop there..well i guess everyone moves on, I know this thing can't be forced, so Im just gonna let it be, tho yes this made me worry so much. Funny thing is now for people i seem to like i tend to be hostile and try to avoid, which makes it head nowhere. really trying to overcome this problem, seriously..been praying about it that I'll learn not to be so self-conscious (seems so easy in words, but for me i guess it'll take time). From now on, I'm just going to be myself in any situation, don't simply get angry (makes things worse) exercise self control and never regretting anyting (useless alr), will say out whatever needed, not be afraid of how things will turn out, not be afraid of rejection, try to be more discerning, dont take any comments/criticism personal, try to improve myself and be thankful for all I have and what God has given me ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is reality

Grandpa used welfare money meant for mute wife on hooker
Other News & Views
A 78-YEAR-OLD grandfather of five used welfare money meant for his mute wife to pay for the services of a prostitute, reported Berita Harian.
The man was caught during a raid conducted by the Kedah religious department in the afternoon after he collected RM100 on behalf of his wife from the welfare department.
He took a bus to Lorong Petani in Alor Star and allegedly used RM20 from the money to pay a prostitute.
“We found the elderly man and his partner naked in a canvas tent in a wooded area,” said JAIK chief assistant director Sheikh Muhamad Suhaimi Salleh who led the operation.

> The second wife of a contractor is suing her husband for neglecting the family after he had an affair with an Indonesian maid, reported Harian Metro.
Ana, 52, said her husband met the woman in 2006 when the maid was working at his first wife’s house.
“Not long after that, the children caught him alone with the maid in her room a few times.
“Realising that their affair was exposed, he moved the maid out to a flat and took her to work as a cleaner at his office,” she said.
Ana said he had been neglecting his responsibility as a husband and father since then.
“There are arrears in the housing loan and electricity bills. He spends most of his time with that woman and I have become the target of gossip in the community. This has caused me and my children shame.
“My son and I tried seeing him at the office but we were turned away by his workers, who even threatened to beat us up,” she said.
Ana said her case would be mentioned at the Syariah Court on Aug 25.
Source: The Star Online

Sometimes things aren't so nice. I guess its important to really know a person and his principles before committing into a relationship.

Day 3

Still surviving. Hot weather today. Doing council stuff half of the day. Class again tomorrow. Nothing special. Trying to stick to resolutions. Don't be emo. Don't worry what people say. I think it really helps :) Be thankful in everything, stop comparing, and be yourself. hahaha

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 2

Still surviving. Was so emo in the earlier part of the day..dunno wassup wif these things. =.= probably worrying/thinking too much again! actualli when its nothing. now alright alr..I know i gotta pray n trust in God more..if not i think i will break down already. From now on, no more emo. no more thinking so much. just take things as it is. whatever mistakes, learn from it, n juz continue on. no need to worry what people say about me. just say. does it make a difference?! as long as i know what i'm doing. gonna focus on more productive things.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 1

The enrolment today was not bad :) Staff were using some barcode scanner to scan our Ids, and we're registered :) No more rushing, just queue up, if the class is full, well just have to choose another one. As the sem goes by, subjects will be tougher so have to work harder LOL..I hope I can get well sooooon..I wanna get back to my sports! Hopefully we'll all be joining the badminton club, then no need to worry bout clashes of time slots..can get to play with other people also haha..I seriously need to expand my network LOL..I promise to work hard, and play hard! hahahah

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Taggie by Alicia..

INSTRUCTIONS: Bold the ones that apply to you. Tag 10 people later.

I‘ve never watched Titanic.
I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice.
I’ve never been drunk.

I’ve never played Laser Tag.
I’ve never skipped in a public place.
I’ve never sung at an inappropriate moment.
I’ve never cried over a movie.
I’ve never cried reading a book.
I’ve never cried while watching a TV show.
I’ve never owned a music player.
I’ve never made a Twitter.
I’ve never read anything by Charles Dickens.
I’ve never been in love.
I’ve never skipped school.
I’ve never owned a rabbit.
I’ve never sang solo in front of a crowd of 100+ people.

I’ve never played Guitar Hero.
I’ve never had more than four siblings.
I’ve never jumped off a swing.
I’ve never been camping.
I’ve never watched an episode of QI.
I’ve never watched a Heath Ledger movie.
I’ve never watched High School Musical.
I’ve never made a sibling cry.
I’ve never stolen anything.
I’ve never broken the law.
I’ve never jumped in the sea fully clothed.
I’ve never read the Bible.
I’ve never passed on a chain letter.
I’ve never met a celebrity.
I’ve never written fanfiction.
I’ve never gone scuba diving.
I’ve never dyed my hair.
I’ve never had a tattoo.
I’ve never watched WWE on TV.
I’ve never taken part in a sports contest.
I’ve never been to a football match.
I’ve never danced to a Michael Jackson song.
I’ve never watched a sunset.
I’ve never played a musical instrument.
I’ve never sky dived.
I’ve never eaten fish.
I’ve never read Twilight.
I’ve never punched someone.
I’ve never swam with a dolphin.
I’ve never broken a bone.
I’ve never danced well.

I’ve never been arrested.
I’ve never owned a Playstation Three.

I’ve never watched a Batman movie.
I’ve never sang at a Karaoke Night.

Tag no one lol..whoever wanna do can do it hahahah :P

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Katherine Mansfield: I have made it a rule of my life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy... you can't build on it; it's only good for wallowing in.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Forgiveness and letting go are steps on our road back to happiness.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but simply moving on with dignity despite that fear.

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.- Elbert Hubbard

Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling. - Margaret B. Runbeck

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller

Kindness is a language which the dumb can speak, the deaf can understand. - C.N. Bovee

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two sides of complaining

This is just something random...As human beings challenges in life are inevitable and many a time things and people disappoint us. Naturally, our first reaction is to complain. For me, I've found that its not really something bad to complain at times as we do need an avenue to express and release out how we feel, if not it'll bottle up in us and explode in time! LOL..but really its true..

Complains are useful indeed, especially in the business world, businessmen feel that complains are free advice and free feedback. Instead of trying to predict future problem or seek profound advice from consultants, customers are giving you their opinion for free about how things are goin on in reality! That's just one side of it, sometimes the complains don't come in such a nice way, can be pretty nasty sometimes. I guess one way to overcome is not to take it personal lol..

BUT constantly complaining can sometimes make others and even ourselves frustrated. Reason being probably because complains without action will not do any help to improve a situation. I guess when we complain, we need to trace the root cause of it and find ways to solve it. Easier said than done, but with a conscious effort probably can be achieved wheee! hahah..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How NOT to argue

At any point of time, we've probably got in arguments before. Here are some steps to solve an argument peacefully plus saving your breath :D

Take a few deep breaths. Loosen up those tensed muscles. When you are more calm, you're able to make more rational decisions.
Do. Not. Yell. This will only aggravate the situation, the other person, and yourself. If you stay calm, chances are the other person will realize how ridiculous they sound and they will start to calm down also.
Leave other people out of the argument. It's between you and the other person(s). Dragging someone else in will only make the situation worse.
Be careful of your body language. Keep your arms at your sides or better yet, sitting down (without your arms folded) will show the other person that you're not looking for a fight.
Listen and hear what the other person has to say. A better understanding of why the person is upset in the first place will help both of you diffuse the argument more quickly. Should you feel the need to explain your side, do so in a non-aggressive way. Don't verbally attack the person or make demands.
Consider the other persons point of view. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if you don't agree with it. Put yourself in their shoes.
Ask the other person what you can do to make it better and/or how the problem can be resolved and actually be willing to go along with whatever the answer may be.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Water is the essence of life, no living creature or plant can survive without it. Water is the source of life. What lies behind this transparent, tasteless liquid?? In general, we are all recommended to drink lots of water and to consume about 8 glasses per day. WHY?

Our body is made up of 55-75 percent of water. Not drinking enough water means we're exposing ourselves to dehydration. In turn, we'll get headache, dizziness and tiredness. Other than that, water is a healthy, natural drink as it contains no sugar :D It also helps detoxify our body-some people just drink water for one whole day to detoxify :) Simple and easy method haha..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fruits :D

Fruits are rich in vitamins and fiber, they play an important role in ensuring we look radiant and healthy! :D Its a natural way to stay away from flus, coughs and other diseases, indeed the saying is true, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'. Of course apples alone won't be enough, it is important to have a different variety of fruits in our daily diet. Malaysia is really blessed with various local fruits which are plentiful in the markets like pineapples, bananas, papayas, guavas, all at a reasonable price.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Coping with Stress


Facing stress is inevitable as we go through the different phases and situations in life. Actually, a little stress sometimes is good to motivate us to pursue our goals but the case for most of us in general is that sometimes we get too stressed out which may affect our eating habits, emotions and health. How to cope with stress? I think it all depends on how we tackle each situation.

1. Avoid unnecessary stress: When you can't take it anymore, we'll just have to say 'no' sometimes

2. Think positive: Keep calm in any situation. No matter how bad it is, getting stressed up and frustrated will not help. Keeping cool to find a solution might be a better option.

3. Find time to relax: After getting work done, take time off to let go of a day's work. This will help relax the mind and to focus better after that.

4. Express yourselves: Some things might be private and we probably would like to keep it to ourselves. Nevertheless, if you find that its too much for yourself to handle, tell someone you trust and listening to another person's point of view might help :)

4. Get enough sleep: I've found that its hard to sleep when being stressed up. Pray, relax and get a good night's rest to recharge for a new day.

5. Avoid dwelling on past things: Look forward, everyone makes mistakes in life because no human being is perfect. Everyday is a new day to face new challenges and to learn something new :D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Living an active life

Sports is an activity which can be carried out by people from all walks of life. Sports make people happy :D Why?
1. Improve fitness
2. Release stress- When you go for sports, you have a time to just let go of everything else :D
3. Calorie burning
4. Improve confidence
5. Helps you sleep better
Everyone has different purposes for doing sports be it indoor or outdoor. Most importantly, it is essential to be active to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle! :D

Monday, March 16, 2009

10 reasons to smile :D

1) It looks better than a frown
2) It improves your day
3) It makes other people's day brighter
4) Make new friends
5) Shows friendship
6) Leaves favorable impressions
7) Enjoyable to give and receive
8) Makes you look happy, confident, and self-assured
9) Puts others at ease
10) A smile could be the start of a lifetime relationship!

Everyone looks their best when they smile...Start smiling people :D

Saturday, March 14, 2009

6 key social skills

First post starting on a bright note :D
Happily, like any skill, social strategies and techniques can be learned…

The main social skills are as follows:

1) The ability to remain relaxed, or at a tolerable level of anxiety while in social situations

Regardless of how skillful you are in social situations, if you are too anxious, your brain is functioning in way unsuited to speaking and listening. In addition, if your body and face give the unconscious message that you are nervous, it will be more difficult to build rapport with others.

2) Listening skills, including letting others know you are listening

When you had dinner with Gladstone, you were left feeling that he was the most charming person you had ever met. But after dinner with Disraeli, you felt that you were the wittiest, the most intelligent, the most charming person.
Dr Warren Bennis PhD, University of California

There is little more attractive and seductive than being truly listened to. Good listening skills include:

Making 'I'm listening' noises - 'Uh-huh', 'really?', 'oh yes?' etc.
Feeding back what you've heard - "So he went to the dentist? What happened?"
Referring back to others' comments later on - "You know how you were saying earlier…"
Physical stillness, eye contact and attentiveness while the other person is talking.

3) Empathy with and interest in others' situations

A major part of social anxiety is self consciousness, which is greatly alleviated by focusing strongly on someone else. A fascination (even if forced at first) with another's conversation not only increases your comfort levels, it makes them feel interesting.

4) The ability to build rapport, whether natural or learned

Rapport is a state of understanding or connection that occurs in a good social interaction. It says basically "I am like you, we understand each other". Rapport occurs on an unconscious level, and when it happens, the language, speech patterns, body movement and posture and other aspects of communication can synchronise down to incredibly fine levels.

Rapport is an unconscious process, but it can be encouraged by conscious efforts.

Body posture 'mirroring', or movement 'matching'
Reflecting back language and speech, including rate, volume, tone, and words
Feeding back what you have heard, as in 2) above

5) Knowing how, when and how much to talk about yourself - 'self disclosure'

Talking about yourself too much and too early can be a major turn-off for the other party in conversation. Good initial small-talk is often characterised by discussion of subjects not personal to either party, or by an exchanging of personal views in a balanced way.

However, as conversations and relationships progress, disclosing personal facts (small, non-emotional ones first!) leads to a feeling of getting to know each other.

6) Appropriate eye contact

If you don't look at someone when you are talking or listening to them, they will get the idea that:

You are ignoring them

You are untrustworthy

You don't like the look of them (!)
This doesn't mean you have to stare at them. In fact, staring at someone while talking to them can give them the feeling you are angry with them. Keeping your eyes on them while you are listening, of course, is only polite.

Of course these are not hard-and-fast rules, eye contact for instance, varies between cultures, but in general, practicing these will improve your social skills if you find social situations difficult.

Article by Roger Elliott, author of the Free Self Confidence Course

Do check these out too :)

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