Friday, March 20, 2009

Coping with Stress


Facing stress is inevitable as we go through the different phases and situations in life. Actually, a little stress sometimes is good to motivate us to pursue our goals but the case for most of us in general is that sometimes we get too stressed out which may affect our eating habits, emotions and health. How to cope with stress? I think it all depends on how we tackle each situation.

1. Avoid unnecessary stress: When you can't take it anymore, we'll just have to say 'no' sometimes

2. Think positive: Keep calm in any situation. No matter how bad it is, getting stressed up and frustrated will not help. Keeping cool to find a solution might be a better option.

3. Find time to relax: After getting work done, take time off to let go of a day's work. This will help relax the mind and to focus better after that.

4. Express yourselves: Some things might be private and we probably would like to keep it to ourselves. Nevertheless, if you find that its too much for yourself to handle, tell someone you trust and listening to another person's point of view might help :)

4. Get enough sleep: I've found that its hard to sleep when being stressed up. Pray, relax and get a good night's rest to recharge for a new day.

5. Avoid dwelling on past things: Look forward, everyone makes mistakes in life because no human being is perfect. Everyday is a new day to face new challenges and to learn something new :D

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Mike said...

I found several stress management tips, techniques and suggestions every where. But in my personal experience I feel that everyone should need a self motivation and some little support to beat stress initially. One should develop good habits which gives positive energy to fight against stress.

Evelyn said...

yeaps thats true :) thanks!

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