Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is reality

Grandpa used welfare money meant for mute wife on hooker
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A 78-YEAR-OLD grandfather of five used welfare money meant for his mute wife to pay for the services of a prostitute, reported Berita Harian.
The man was caught during a raid conducted by the Kedah religious department in the afternoon after he collected RM100 on behalf of his wife from the welfare department.
He took a bus to Lorong Petani in Alor Star and allegedly used RM20 from the money to pay a prostitute.
“We found the elderly man and his partner naked in a canvas tent in a wooded area,” said JAIK chief assistant director Sheikh Muhamad Suhaimi Salleh who led the operation.

> The second wife of a contractor is suing her husband for neglecting the family after he had an affair with an Indonesian maid, reported Harian Metro.
Ana, 52, said her husband met the woman in 2006 when the maid was working at his first wife’s house.
“Not long after that, the children caught him alone with the maid in her room a few times.
“Realising that their affair was exposed, he moved the maid out to a flat and took her to work as a cleaner at his office,” she said.
Ana said he had been neglecting his responsibility as a husband and father since then.
“There are arrears in the housing loan and electricity bills. He spends most of his time with that woman and I have become the target of gossip in the community. This has caused me and my children shame.
“My son and I tried seeing him at the office but we were turned away by his workers, who even threatened to beat us up,” she said.
Ana said her case would be mentioned at the Syariah Court on Aug 25.
Source: The Star Online

Sometimes things aren't so nice. I guess its important to really know a person and his principles before committing into a relationship.

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