Sunday, September 20, 2009

A new day awaits..

Blog finally updated during this long weekend :) Been a bit emo the past week, but getting better..hahaha..I just wanna thank God for giving me strength to continue on and never give up..When I reflect back all the years of my life and what I've achieved, I know I would never have made it without Him..even for everything I'm going through now..thank you for giving me this life, although everything comes to and end, I will do my best while on this earth..thank you for giving me everything and more than I have ever needed :) Everday is a new day I can look forward to, because everything that happens in under Your control..

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Just saw this video on youtube, from ann :) truly inspiring ad for me, of course i may not face such extreme situation like shown, but I can clearly see that no matter how people try to pull you down, if your will is strong, they don't matter any more. You don't need to prove to them anything, but push yourself to achieve your true potential!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

last post

this is probably gonna be the last post until after mid term break..things have been really busy, have learnt to deal with various situations, learning to keep calm in anything..prom nite is coming up soon, hope all things go smoothly :) I still haven't got anything ready for prom, I think I will just get the shops to recommend clothes, hair n all dat, if not I"ll be spending so much time researching on the net, I've got a rough idea hopefully it turns out alrite =.=. 2 tests next week! assignments, n so many things, hope I can focus hahahah

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