Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As midnight strikes, it marks the very last day of 2009. It's time to usher in 2010, and bid farewell to 2009. Thank you 2009 for all the wonderful, bittersweet, ups and downs..everything..Welcome 2010, for all the things of the past of 2009 shall be left behind in wonderful memories :), those which would not make memories shall be discarded. Time awaits no man, hence the blog name keepmovingneverlookback, may I be one step closer to never wasting time brooding on unnecessary things which would be totally futile. Honestly, I find it easier said than done..cause as human beings an incident does not just automatically erase from our minds in the next second. It can have huge impacts, but our mind can control our emotions, what we choose to feel, how we choose to move on in life. If it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger.

In times of happiness, in times of success
Everything seems so perfect, a smooth road lays ahead
Sometimes, when things don't go our way,
We lose all hope, dwelling on the failure
But no success comes without any disappointments or failures
Maybe yea, one in a million or a blue moon
Mishaps are the stepping stone to success
Do not let them shatter your dreams or make you weary
Coexist with failures, turn them into your advantage
Taking them as precious lessons, and a new piece filling the puzzle of success
Success in life is not a measure of only wealth, fame and money
It is the achievement and the battle won over all failures
The character that has been molded no say 'never give up' :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Living well

A friend once told me, the best way to get along with people is to never judge them. It doesn't mean that we cannot build perceptions of other people, or have certain preferences; it simply means to accept the fact that everyone is unique and different in their own ways, and if we really find it difficult maybe its best to be at arms length. Just my two cents on this issue, I found it true since we have no right to judge others, everyone has their own reason for behaving or acting in a manner, well as long as its not something so abnormal or disturbing, we have to respect that. If we really find it annoying or disturbing, perhaps just move away. All of us have our own life principles, which everyone owes no explanation to each other. Simply accepting people for who they are certainly makes things more transparent and taking away so much superficiality and wearing a mask.

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