Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to school

It's back to school for all kindy, primary and secondary school children tomorrow, 4th January :) As usual, madness during the final weekend before school starts, all the last minute shopping and preparations especially for the primary one school children. I remember my days back then, school was somewhat interesting and exciting, but yea as usual I had to wake up super early and be in school till afternoon. Compared to uni life now, I would say uni has much more freedom, which indeed comes with pros and cons..pros for me are that its very flexible, you can go for another class if u can't make it for one, you can somewhat set your own schedule for classes...cons are that workload is not less at all :p and tend to procrastinate. I guess that's life, as we grow older, we have to learn to be more independent since we're treated as adults (which we are ) at uni...nevertheless the education at school was very crucial as since we actually had to, like it or not follow strict rules, teachers orders helped to make students more disciplined and respect for the rules..anyways happy back to school (if there's such a thing) :p to all the school children! And happy hols to the rest..till uni resumes..

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