Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Down Syndrome

A couple of weeks back, I tuned in to the NTV 7 Breakfast Show and they happened to be discussing about Down Syndrome with the founder of the   Malaysian Down Syndrome organization and a person living with Down Syndrome. One of the issues that really enlightened  me was that Down Syndrome is actually simply to do with genetics instead of commonly thought of as a disease. Down Syndrome people are completely healthy and the only difference is that he or she has an extra chromosome 21-totaling to 47 instead of 46. This in turn causes some distortions to the physical features and delay in the mental development.
Children with DS are usually more vulnerable to heart diseases and may have problems with hearing, vision and speech. Nevertheless, further conditions can be prevented by regular check-ups and health monitoring. As a parent, it is undeniably initially difficult to accept that the child has DS. However, providing the child with special training programs from young can help them to live a normal life. They may be a bit slower in learning, yet they can just be successful as anyone else. In fact, there are many sites featuring highly successful people living with DS. Just Google it :)

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