Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First day of work- how to start well?

If it is your very first time stepping into the working world, you may initially find it difficult to adapt to or encounter problems with certain people. Bear in mind that if you are not job hopping, it is important to be able to stay happy at your workplace, so that you have motivation to perform well. In this article, I would like to share some tips to help you adjust quickly to your workplace from day one.

1.Be polite
Your first impression-the way you dress and look is important. However, it is even more crucial that you carry yourself well by knowing how to relate to other people. One of the most essential things is to respect your colleagues, even if they are your juniors. This will pave the way for you to get to know others and you would find it much easier in working with your colleagues. Many people find it a complete turn-off once you are rude, rough or arrogant.

2.Be confident
Confidence is one of the characteristics that make you look your best. It is very different from being proud; Confidence simply means that you are sure of yourself, know your stuff and are willing to take on new challenges at the workplace. This characteristic is easily identified from your manner of walking, eye contact and speech. Undeniably, you might be nervous on your first day of work but it is no reason for lack of confidence. Just tell yourself, ‘I am prepared to take on anything with my best effort regardless of the outcome’.

3.Mind your own business
At the workplace, especially in offices, office politics is very rampant. There will always be hot discussions on relationships between your colleagues, bosses and so forth. Why do people love it? The reason is clear that it is very interesting as it is frequently talked about, imagined and the real story being twisted. Many a time, a lot of the stories are untrue. Be objective, mind your own business and stay out of office politics. Especially if you hold a senior post, gossiping in office is a sheer waste of time and a bad reflection of your own character.

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