Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's all about face and money

Click to the major online news websites, and you'll find that the breaking news headline is about Google possibly redrawing their operations in China. Reason being? China has been censoring the web searches by the Google search engine and Google no longer wants to do that. All these while, China has been well known for investigating human activists and dragging them to jail in addition to their strict censorship to ensure no anti government websites are set up. Recently, news broke out that various Gmail accounts belonging to human activists have also been hacked, and Google believes the  China government is behind this.
On Tuesday, Google announced that it would possibly move out if China refuses to take its grip off the censorship. Today, the China government dropped the bombshell- in an indirect yet clear response implying that Google has to follow the land rules. Google has yet to reach a decision, but pulling out of the China markets represents a great loss of market share and a severe impact to China internet companies who have been working with Google. If China were to give in, their face is at stake as they have ruled with an iron hand for so long.

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