Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Learn to stay safe for a job interview of meet-ups

Okay, so you're on cloud nine when you've finally got your first interview after sleepless nights and tiring days of phone calls. The employer/recruiter wants to meet up, and remember even if it is a professional position or a clear genuine job, here are some basic safety tips which can help avoid unnecessary trouble.

1. Choose an open and public area for the meet up
It is never advisable to meet anyone in a secluded corner or unfamiliar place for the first time. Some good choices of meet-up places are a downtown cafe, or a restaurant in the shopping mall. Basically the whole idea is to ensure that it won't be a place that no one or the public are able to see you. In case there is any problem, being in an open place will be very much to your advantage.

2. Make sure you tell someone where you are going to
It is always good to let someone know, preferably your family members or close friends of where you are going to. They would be able to look out for you and be aware of your whereabouts in case of any problem.

3. Be smart
You can roughly gauge if you're in for a genuine job interview. If the interviewer is asking too personal questions intruding into your privacy or has extremely weird character or manners, be on your toes. Other than that, DO NOT simply sign any form without reading. There is no offence to the other party, as any document with your signature is a proof that you agree to all the terms stated there. In fact, if they are serious in employing you, tell them that you would like to take a copy home to study it. It sound meticulous and ridiculous, but in actual fact you are saving yourself from being risked into being conned or to agree to things you were never told before.

When you've got a job interview or any meetup with a new person, always remember that many unwanted circumstances can be avoided as long as the very basic precautions are taken. Always think twice before you take any action or make any decision.

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