Saturday, January 2, 2010

The new year

The new year breathes in new hope, new goals, new aspirations, new experiences and everything new like sparkling sounds so perfect and bright..indeed I hope it will be, but the future is unbeknown to any human being, for only God knows the future. But I believe I can move along and survive the storm in life if I can learn to always appreciate and not complain, knowing living life to the fullest depends how I wish to live it :) Life is indeed full of challenges, but always look forward and know there will be something better ahead..

No matter how rough the waves hit, we can go on if we choose to hold on and not give in. Learning to rise again when we fall is always harder than rejoicing in success. But do not despair even when you fall, it is one mark to reaching your goals and aspirations...

The beauty of life lies in the serenity and peace of is always a sunny day for the rain and storms that come will have to give way...we determine the life we want to live, it is a puzzle and we have all the pieces, we cannot foresee the future, it is in God's hands..but we can learn to co-exist with life and be at peace with it :) May we all have a great new year ahead and overcome all obstacles!

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