Friday, January 15, 2010

A review of online Recruitment sites to make money

In this digital area, the internet is a very powerful tool in aiding job matching globally. Not only does it save everyone time and money, this means is increasingly popular as you can search for jobs or find potential workers by using your PC. In fact, many multinational companies are shifting their recruitment activities online to headhunt the best people for the job. However, cyberspace is mean too and there are various scams all over the internet. You'll usually get these results if you search Google for 'fast money online' 'free money' and other way off means of getting cash quickly. Always bear in mind that there is no free lunch on the internet and most sites promising an unbelievable return is probably scam.
If you're looking for a full-time job, it is always advisable to have a phone conversation or even better meet up before agreeing to any work terms. If you're in Asia, here are two recruitment sites that have been around and are fairly reputable. However, it is recommended to always be on the alert no matter how genuine the job seems to be.

Jobstreet has been around in the market since 1995, and is a top recruitment agency in Asia serving various large corporations. Its' service is currently available for 8 Asian countries: Malaysia,India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan. If you're looking for a job in any of these countries, all you need to do is to sign up for a free account and upload your resume. Next, you can search for relevant jobs and submit your details. I have tried using it before and the whole system is very easy to use as your resume is stored in the Jobstreet system and you don't have to re-enter anything when bidding for jobs. So now, how does Jobstreet make money? Firstly, they are listed on the main  market of Bursa Malaysia (Malaysian stock exchange) and employers are charged for placing advertisements on Jobstreet. One tip is that if you are in urgent need of a job, apply to all the jobs relevant to your expertise. This is because the number of applications are usually fairly high (there are also low-application jobs for very specialised fields) and the possibility of being short-listed can be rather small. If you are short-listed, the employer will contact you via email or phone. Jobstreet only serves as a channel, and all dealings with the employer are independent of the site.

Asia part time
Asia part time is a free website for both employers and job seekers. Anyone can post a job for free, which is moderated by their staff. Like Jobstreet, all dealings are between the job seeker and employer. The jobs here are mostly part time or home based. If you have a skill, you can even post an ad to promote it. Just be careful, as there may sometimes be scams posted here. Overall, one of the most popular types of jobs posted are promoters for various products. The jobs are mainly available in West Malaysia like KL. If you are proficient in two languages (Mandarin and English), you can try checking out this site for people looking for translators. However, you need to be sure it is genuine first.

My next posts will talk about staying safe when applying for jobs online and some tips to ensure you won't get scammed. Thanks for reading.

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