Thursday, January 14, 2010

The truth about online paid surveys

As a student, I used to look out for online opportunities to make some extra bucks. Top Google searches are phrases like 'make money fast online', 'free money' and 'paid survey online'. Just try typing these phrases in Google, and you'll find tons of websites promising easy money and ridiculously high amounts like $5000 per day. Seriously, if it were that easy I think everyone won't need to be working today. Many of these sites usually ask for an initial investment promising tips and super high returns through surveys, typing online ads, clicking ads, and so forth. Plus, all these sites will feature genuine looking testimonials of success stories. All these are pointers to SCAM.

Another popular search are for things like online paid surveys. Their attractions plays on the fact that you just need a laptop, and surveys will keep coming, making your computer an ATM machine. Out of curiosity, I did sign up for some sites to finally know the truth myself (of course those without any initial payment). All these happened about 2 years back and I'll like to point out some genuine sites, applicable mainly for Malaysians. They definitely won't make you a millionaire or even close, but yeah its something to do for fun when you're bored of surfing the internet.

Youthsays Malaysia
This is a website aimed at youths in Malaysia founded by top Malaysian young entrepreneur, Joel Neoh. At this website, there are various forums and ongoing discussions to share your opinions with other members. This site works by paying youths to give their opinions of products by Youthsays' clients. Basically, it is a channel between marketing companies and youths. Surveys come quite often, but it is usually open to a limited number of people. You're be emailed when there is a survey, and it's like first come first serve. If you have 3G or wifi on your cellphone, you probably can maximise your earnings on this site. They will pay you a cheque when your earnings reach  RM50, which obviously would take quite quite a long time. Nevertheless, something fun to do when you're bored.Their latest feature is where you can submit your uni or college event and they'll help you check if you can get sponsorships.

There's still another survey website which doesn't pay out cash but gives points (something like Bonuslink). You can then redeem them for vouchers. I qualified for a RM 10 KFC voucher, it has yet to arrive and when it does, I will do a write-up and certify it genuine.

Here's a link that offers some genuine sites. However, you may sometimes get surveys but you may get responses that you do not qualify. This is due to the target market requested by the client. Usually, you'll set up a profile and you'll be matched with appropriate surveys, but still this issue does happen.


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