Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who started the glamorous red carpet?

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At any important occasion in both the East and the West, all the VIPS have a red carpet to greet their arrival. This tradition has indeed spread all over the world from the Oscars, Nobel and Grammy to the King and Queens arrival. So what's the story behind using the red carpet? Why not blue, purple, green or any other colour? I decided to check it out on Google.

Apparently, there have been no exact answers to how the red carpet originally started. But there are a few historical uses of the red carpet that have given rise to its popular use today.

One school of thought says that the red carpet originated from the Greece classical play Agamemnon.This character is welcomed home by his wife to a grand reception with a carpet of the colour of the gods, deep red and purple. Over time, the deep purple faded and turns into a deep red colour in which important members of society walk on. So yea, in today's context it is reserved for the important guests of an occasion.

Another source of origin may be from the usage of red carpets in the past by railroads who use them on platforms to guide passengers to the correct portion of the train. Other than that, many hotels would roll out red carpets from the pavement to their lobbies to greet the arrival of guests.

Today, the red carpet tradition has remained unbroken and is a universal colour as a welcoming sign to important guests at any function. It is a must have at the Oscars, Grammy and the Nobel awards. Other than that, it has also become a popular theme at high school and university proms, weddings, fashion shows and clubs.

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