Sunday, March 7, 2010

Captivating Canada

Canada is big! It has a thumping 10 million square km, making it the world’s second largest country. What I want to emphasize here is, its behemothic terrain is also filled with high-reaching mountains, husky glaciers, immense varicoloured skies and even the creatures that wander over the terrain are huge such as grizzly bear, moose, humpback whales and others. Why not consider holidays to Canada?

It is impossible for you to dislike Canada because it is so versatile in the sense that it has places of different characteristics. Toronto and Montreal are festival-packed cities that offer 5 stars life. St John, the Canada’s weather champion which is the cloudiest city of all the cities in Canada is able to give you a dose of history. Banff & Jasper National Parks brings you a cloud poking adventure of hiking, skiing as well as snowboarding. If you prefer a slow ride, Saskatchewan is your place. Oh, not to forget to pick up some ripe juicy peaches and saliva tempting cheese from the Kelowna’s local farmers’ markets.

Have you watch Avatar? The Queen Charlotte Islands or more popularly known as Haida Gwaii is able to provide you such magical trip as shown in Avatar. There are uncountable unique flora and fauna that it Canada’s Galapagos is a popular moniker. You too, can take the opportunity to view the real soul of the islands, the Haida culture. Nowadays, their culture is reviving and can be found across the islands in many ways beyond their iconic totem polls. Haida feels honoured to protect the last stands of superbly old growth rainforests where some of the largest spruce and cedars can be found. Why not invest some time to pay a visit to the islands, get caught up in their allure, their culture, and their people as well as take a look at those sea lion and orcas relaxing offshore. The effort and time are definitely paid off.

According to Wikipedia, the Niagara Falls is voluminous waterfall on Niagara River. It is the most powerful waterfall in North America. It is like more than a million bathtubs of water cascade over the edge every single second. How can you not to visit such a wonderful god creation? During winter, the flow is partially hidden and the edges freeze solid. The watery extravaganza is never disappeared no matter day or night and regardless season. You will know the meaning of WOW when you see the Niagara Falls with your own eyes.

Ontario may not be as big as Quebec, may not have as many mountains as British Columbia but it aces in culture, cuisine and sophistication. Do not ever think that Ontario is merely about Niagara Falls. Wrong. Ontario is more than that. Ontario celebrates its diversity with a cavalcade of festivals all year round such as Stratford’s Shakespeare Festival, Shaw Festival, Kitchener’s Oktoberfest, London Beer Festival and etcetera. Be an Ontarian by immersing yourself in these festivals. Besides, arctic Hudson Bay and the temperate Great Lakes are certainly enough to keep you feeling green.

Is there any mall in Canada? Edmonton will be your place then since it has a big mall. There is only one mall? Oh, one is definitely enough to satisfy your shopaholic desire because it is large. When I say large, I really mean it. It is the largest shopping mall in North America and fifth largest in the world. The urbanites love to gather to shop for cool threads and have a rib breaking meal. Other than that, the local history has never been dead. There are great museums and galleries to embark you on a journey back to the past.

What are you still considering of? Come over to Canada! Your money and time are not going to be wasted.

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