Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey, do you remember me??

Okay, so the economy and businesses are not doing fantastically well, or rather we'll still recovering from the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Unemployment rates have gone up and currently graduates all around the world aged below 25 are facing really serious unemployment problems. Coming back to the title of the post, I was really enlightened when I got this news first hand from someone. I never knew how creative people could be, well in this case it's not so nice. But I really admire their courage. Let's call the victim  A and the 'smart' guy C.

A has just done a dental checkup and proceeds towards his car in the carpark. Just before he can open the door, someone calls from behind, "Hey! do you remember me?"
A hesitates, takes a good look at the person but really can't seem to recognize or recall who the person (C) claims to know him.

C quickly whips up a conversation,

C: Hey, I've been working in KL, now back in Kuching...and talks a whole load of other things. He gives his name too.
A: *tries to recall if it was maybe someone he met at a conference* Oh, were you the one working at MBKS office?
C: Yea, Yea!
A: *suddenly remembers if that was the same person he met before it should be at Petra Jaya instead*. Wait, you've worked in Petra Jaya right?
C: Yea Yea!
A: *Gets suspicious, the guy isn't even sure of himself*

C: I'm going to the airport soon, catching a flight back to Bintulu as my mom passed away. Can you give me some condolence money??
A: *Gets a shock* shakes head and says, "I don't know you"

C gets a fright of his life and fled immediately out of embarrassment.

You might be wondering how someone can just pretend to know you and ask for money outright. According to A, this is probably not the first time C is doing this as a first timer would not be so season and so professional in talking. He's probably tried his luck many times and managed to get a few victims. Observe the two tactics here:

1. He pretends to know you to get you to talk. Obviously, no reasonable person would be rude to walk away when someone calls you like a friend. It might just be your long lost classmate or a person you briefly met before on other occasions.
2. He asks for condolence money, using someone's death as a pretext. Playing on the fact, that you'll be sympathetic and give money.

Beware of all these scams, these are people just out to make some quick money. If it was genuinely your long lost friend, the first thing to notice is they'll shout out your name, instead of just 'Hey'. Second thing, no one asks for condolence money straight in your face. This is the first time I've heard of this kind of tactic, the face of scam is changing. Even people who are old or look decent make use of this to appear harmless and attack their victims.

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