Saturday, March 27, 2010

Say No to Open Burning

I'm not a hardcore environmental activist but the problem of open burning is really getting on my nerves sometimes; Whenever I drive pass houses, I see people smoke clouding the air as people set up fires to burn dry leaves and twigs. What never fails to amaze me is that the people burning stand right in front of the fire the whole time! I really can't imagine how they can withstand all the smoke blowing into their lungs. I have always been wondering why open burning is still prevalent even in urban housing areas. In addition, there is no problem of disposing off the garden waste-simply tie them up in a garbage bag and they'll be collected alongside with normal trash. Now I finally know why-people burn twigs and leaves to get fertilizers and the smoke also chases away insects and mosquitoes. Well, I think that its effect on the environment must be considered too, as well as for other people. The smoke blows into other people's houses and if you forget to shut your windows, your house will be filled with smoke smell too :( The adverse effects on the environment has yet to be seen, but the air is slowly building up with all the pollutants from the smoke. I think many are still unaware how harmful open burning can be for their own health as well as the  environment. There are other alternatives of fertilizers and they don't really cost a fortune too. Short-term gain may bring about long-term losses and destruction.

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