Friday, March 5, 2010

Taking a taxi

Whenever you’re out on traveling, you would probably need to take a taxi somewhere along the way. Of course, there are various other transportation means such as train, bus and so forth. In KL, it is very easy to get around using the LRT train as it is very efficient and follows the time schedule strictly-obviously because many people actually use it to go to work and back home!

Nevertheless, taking a taxi can sometimes be more convenient and faster. But it’s all a business and you need to be wise even in choosing a taxi before hopping on.

  1. Ask for the price first
In Malaysia, taxis are supposed to charge customers based on the meters, but sadly this is rarely followed. The danger here is not simply the extra few bucks but you could really get ripped off being asked to pay double! Before taking a cab, be sure to ask the cab driver if he charges a flat rate or if by meter-confirm it before agreeing to use the cab. When they know you’re aware, they won’t simply overcharge you.

  1. Check condition of taxi
This step applies if you are taking a rather long trip of say an hour or more. It would be really uncomfortable and a waste of money if the taxi is bumpy and hot all the way. Even limousines like Mercedes may have dysfunctional air cons and they’ll keep silent about it unless customers ask before hand. What’s more you have to pay the full price even the car was not in a good condition! It is also important to check that all the safety belts are working (if you’re traveling in a group or family). Many people disregard the importance of a safety belt but wearing it could actually save your life.

  1. Don’t talk to much
It is okay to strike up a conversation with the cab driver-but never reveal too much of your background, how long you’re be staying etc. Yeah, everything seems okay and absolutely harmless but remember: the world is harsh-never trust anyone. Answer to questions you are comfortable with and when you feel your privacy is intruded-change topic or just keep silent :).

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