Thursday, March 25, 2010

Work overload!!

Things are heating up and everything is getting really stressful, deadlines are coming all so close to each other. Hardly any breathing space in between until the end of the semester.
Honestly, that's the feeling now. But I find it of not much use to get upset and stressed out-really makes situations worse. Thinking of some ways and decided to jot them down on this blog.

1. Work slowly-There's always the concern of not having enough time, but I believe when one gives full concentration a few hours can really be a lot.
2. Don't spread yourself too thin-Trying to finish everything in a few days is probably really tough. Allocate time for each one at a time.
3. Relax- Concentration span is usually for the most, a few hours. Our mind gets really tired after that and forcing it to work may be extremely tiring. Chill out for a while, go for sports and you're feel much better after that.
4. Stay connected-with people around you. This can help you improve, gain new ideas as all of us have different perspectives.

Hopefully, the ending will be this

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