Thursday, April 1, 2010

Attractions in Toronto -Part One

Standing in the middle of greenery, lying on a bed of carpet grass, chasing over a flock of birds… If you have been dreaming of merging yourself with the nature, flights to Toronto are easily available. Once you are there, all the hectic bumble bee lifestyle will be forgotten as though you have always been living in the leisurely Toronto.

Tommy Thompson Park is a 5 kilometers long man made peninsula between the Harbourfront and the Beaches. This park, one of the world’s largest nesting places for ring-billed gulls was constructed from Outer Harbour dredging and fills from downtown architecture sites. The world population of ring-billed gulls is declining from year to year. So, a sight of ring-billed gulls is definitely worth the flight ticket to Toronto. Other than ring-billed gulls, you too can capture black-crowned night heron, turtles, owls, foxes and even coyotes in their habitats. As I mentioned, these animals are living in their habitats, therefore, vehicles and pets are prohibited to prevent any disturbance on the ecosystem at Tommy Thompson Park. Meanwhile, you may walk to the lighthouse located at the end of the park to enjoy some awesome city view.     

Julie Moir together with the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma designed the sculpted Toronto Music Garden. The landscape is portraying a treble clef shaped pathway through grassland and a grass-stepped amphitheater by an arc shaped thicket of conifers. The amphitheater is not solely for magnificent view but it is used to hold free concerts in the evening. There are many gardens in Toronto. Toronto Music Garden is only one of them. After visiting the delightful Toronto Music Garden, you have to take a look at Toronto’s biggest garden, High Park. Won’t it be a waste to visit gardens which are all about the same with the trees and flowers around? You are absolutely wrong if you are thinking that way. It has a different theme from Toronto Music Garden. High Park is fully accommodated with tennis courts and outdoor swimming pool. It is a perfect spot for family outing. You can cycle around with your kids and have a good tennis match with them. High Park is also a right spot for couples. You can have a romantic picnic at the park while watching the sunset with your loved one. You will experience something different if you visit High Park in winter that is you are allowed to ice skate on the Grenadier Pond! 

St Lawrence market has been a neighborhood meeting place for over two centuries. There are more than 50 specialty food stalls such as cheese vendors, fishmongers, butchers, bakers and pasta makers. What is the point of visiting a market? By visiting St Lawrence market, you can experience the spirit of the neighborhood as well as the soul of Toronto. Listening to yelling of prices in silly native voices, watching lots of action come with the yelling and sandwiching among the people allowing you to be a Torontonian temporarily.

Nature lovers and city life escapists, take a flight to Toronto during your annual leave :) With all the nature and outdoor, parks and gardens as well as markets in Toronto, you are guaranteed with remarkable holidays.  

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