Friday, April 2, 2010

Attractions in Toronto -Part Two

Toronto is not only for outdoor lovers but indoor lovers too. It does not offer you to breath in the fresh air at the parks and garden but walk in those magnificent buildings too. To enjoy both nature and blocks, all you need to do is to look out for cheap flights to Toronto. If you're working, you can try going during off-peak seasons and perhaps you could get a good bargain. 

You can never miss the biggest natural history museum in Canada, the multidisciplinary Royal Ontario Museum when you visit to Toronto. Many people find the main building which involves a magnificent explosion of architectural crystals on Bloor St fascinating. It houses many new galleries including the new Renaissance ROM building. The ROM’s collections of natural science, ancient civilization and at exhibits are worth a visit to the museum. Some of the best collections in the world such as the Chinese temple sculptures, Gallery of Korean Art and costumes, textile collections and others. There are even dinosaur rooms, Egyptian mummies and Jamaican bat cave replica to serve the kids’ curiosity. After visiting the largest natural history museum in Canada, let’s pay a visit to another museum, Bata Shoe Museum. It is designed by well known architect, Raymond Moriyama to resemble a shoebox. Over 10000 pedi-artifacts which are collected by Sonja Bata of Canada’s famous Bata shoe family all over the world are displayed in the museum. Guided group tours can also be reserved.     

CN Tower has reached 34 in this year. Nevertheless, it is still cool and iconic as it was when it established in 1976. The main function of the tower is to act as a radio and TV communication tower. One thing about visiting the tower is its expensive fee. However, riding the great glass elevators all the way up the highest freestanding structure of 553 meters in the world is one of the experiences you need to have. The views from the observation deck are definitely astonishing. Of cause, it is only limited to clear day. For the adventure lovers, take a try on the knee-trembling glass floor deck or continue climbing an extra 101 meters to the top most sky pod viewing area. If you are a high spirited person, you may join the annual CN Tower Stair Climb which holds every October.

Have you heard of Elgin & Winter Garden Theater Centre? This stunning theater was built in 1913 is the world’s last operating double-decker theatre. The upstairs, Winter Garden was built as the flagship for a vaudeville chain whereas the downstairs, Elgin theatre was converted into a movie house later on in 1920s.  The restoration in 1981 took around 29 million dollars where bread dough was used to uncover the original rose garden frescoes, beautiful foliage hanging from the Winter Garden ceiling was replaced. The restoration was done diligently by craftsmen. Public tours run by passionate volunteers are absolutely worth every penny.

Since there are so many magnificent buildings in Toronto, why not take a holiday to Toronto? Visit every corner in Toronto to ensure your holidays are worth beyond the price of flight tickets.   

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