Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Bullying is a very common activity among all ages. It starts as early as childhood and can even extend till adult stage. Bullying can happen both mentally and physically. In cases of mild bullying, the person could be joked about and in severe cases it could end up with beating or even life threats. In simple terms, bullying means picking on someone for several reasons like weight, sex, race, social strata and so forth.

In my opinion, bullying can happen for no reason. Sometimes, the victim is not at fault at all. Rather, the bully has an attitude problem. He or she might be suffering from neglect or abuse at home. In turn, they vent it out on others as they have no room to express themselves elsewhere.

What happens if you feel you are bullied? Don't stop there or keep it to yourself. Make sure you tell your parents or your trusted relatives and friends. In mild cases, they would go away like in cases in school sometimes. However, if the bullying persists, it must be stopped to avoid any serious problems which could affect the person's life negatively. Remember that everyone deserves to be treated right, and no one is made to be bullied.

If you are a bully, stop it! Don't let out your own anger or your insecurity on others. You have no right to do so, and remember you can ruin your own life and of others. This is because bullying is closely related to other activities, like gangsterism, extortion, stealing and drugs.

We all have one life, live it to the fullest and make someone else's life better instead of trying to pick on weaker people.

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