Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dealing with depression

Are you feeling down and everything around you seems to be anything but making your life better? Perhaps someone you have trusted all the while has just betrayed it, leaving you dumbfounded why such a misfortune should happen. Critical events that may not be so pleasant are some causes that lead to depression.

What actually is depression? It is basically a mental state where a person is extremely pessimistic about life, and this leads on to affecting physical and emotional health. Our mind controls our body. Thus, when one loses all hope in life the impact will spillover to the overall wellbeing and people around us. It is really more than feeling disappointed, angry or sad. It is so severe that we are not able to control our emotions or the problem is simply ringing in our head all day long. 

Some telltale signs of depression include isolating oneself from society, getting frustrated or irritated for no reason, constant crying and difficulty sleeping. In severe cases, it may lead to attempts of suicide.

Depression is not a disease, and you are not along if you are in this situation. The environment around us commonly becomes a cause, as it is difficult to face tough situations alone. Therefore, seek the counsel of more experienced or older people if you find it difficult to handle a problem. Besides, two heads are better than one. 

It is true that some things are better left unsaid. However, if a specific issue is really really bugging you, do not hesitate to settle the problem. Do it in an amicable manner, discuss and  using physical force (fighting, beating etc) is not encourage as it will aggravate the situation. If the other party refuses to settle it or simply ignore that you have a problem with it, nothing much can be done except to cut ties and have no dealings. Painful decision, but better than harming yourself.

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