Friday, April 9, 2010

The Gamble of life

A few weeks ago, a scene at one of those typical gambling premises caught my eye. It wasn't a long queue of people waiting for their lucky number, nor someone screaming for joy for striking the jackpot. Sadly, a man was kneeling on the floor, bowing his head constantly like someone begging for pardon, on a mat, which I presume was begging for money. No other reason crossed my mind that a reasonable person would be in such a state. Why in the gambling premises? I never know the real reason but one of the possibilities is that he's indulged all his money in gambling. 

Personally, I do not believe in this activity, but one thing for sure is that gambling eats away your money bit by bit. Its just a few dollars, but day by day it builds up and one may start to put in more and more cash if they believe they might just be lucky that day. Addiction to gambling is of no surprise, especially if someone they know of has managed to win something. The temptation to continue is very strong, cause they keep hoping one day "it'll be my turn too". 

Gambling may be thrilling for the player, but this activity may have negative effects on life:

1. Money problems
2. Emotional problems
3. Physical abuse on family
4. Burnout for family members earning income
5. Try to gain money illegally-stealing, extortion
6. Miserable life due to so much uncertainty and loss of direction

Of course, some lucky people may get some big bucks through gambling at the casinos or hitting the jackpot when it's their lucky number. Nevertheless, the odds of losing is very high. If not, all the gambling companies would be out of business. Just a personal opinion here =)

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