Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am stressed, this is my self tutorial

This is a note to myself, since its a stressful period and I can't seem to concentrate at times.

1. Calm down
Never, never panic. It's the last thing to do to ever get out of a problem. Stay cool, and work things out slowly. Everything has a solution

2. Analyse
Whenever something happens and you get really angry, it may not be due to the current issue. It is probably because of a past experience and as history repeats, it triggers off anger. Human beings do not forget events of the past easily, and sub-consciously we get reminded automatically if the same situation occurs. Sit back and think what has caused such anger.

3. Never pull yourself down
This is the biggest mistake-self-condemnation. What will people think of me? What if it doesn't work? What if I look so silly? All these fears only aggravate stress. If you're not sure of something, ask your family or if its to do with work, check out the opinions of your group members and lecturers. Then, put in your best, and never blame yourself or anyone else. Tell yourself that it can be done, no matter how hard it is.

4. Stop worrying
Worrying is also a major contributor to stress. It is such irony that worry takes a toll on people when it does not even help at all. The truth is, worry really is unavoidable but it can be managed. When there's an issue or problem, stop worrying and instead think carefully about it, then step into action. And don't worry what happens after that, if we've made a mistake, admit it and move on.

I guess everyone has their own ways to manage stress and worry. Handle everything one by one, and kick stress 100 miles away.

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