Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yes, No, Silence

Just some thoughts coming across my mind, sometimes when we ask people something, its difficult to get a 'Yes'. Indeed, it would be fair to give them a chance to think about it, consider it, sleep over it and then only make their decisions.

However, I find that especially in Asian culture, it is very difficult to reject or say no to someone. Sometimes, especially when its from someone you know well, it is really hard to turn it down (whatever it is, favor, request etc). 

Thus, through my experience what happens is mostly silence. In my opinion, this can sometimes lead to further frustration and misunderstanding. Of course, we don't immediately say no, usually we always say 'see first'. But it is important to bear in mind that the other party is waiting for an answer.

Honestly, having no answer and waiting is really tiring as there is uncertainty. In my opinion, perhaps we can say no. In business, sometimes they won't give you a reason, like 'we don't need your products/services anymore'. Well, I feel if we wish to improve and gain feedback, we could perhaps find out the reason. For some websites, when I wanted to delete my account, they do ask me to fill in some reasons or select from the options given.

Bottom line is I think getting a No is better than silence. Just my two cents, when we don't know what the other party's decision or action is, we can't plan and do not know what to expect or prepare for. 

To ensure the best decision is made, don't say no right away, think it through, but be sure to provide an answer if the person approaches you later on. The key is two way communication, and if we perhaps say No, at least the person knows and can move on knowing we do not need the product/service.

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