Monday, May 10, 2010

Charity should be from the heart :)

Deep within everyone, there is always a place for charity. I'm sure one will be moved and have empathy to try to help. Sadly, some have taken advantage of it to tell lies and make money for themselves.

Saturday's Borneo Post, showed a picture of a man covering his face with a folder. His picture was captured by reporters who were tipped off by the coffee shop customers. Apparently, he was going around showing folders of handicapped children, claiming he was asking for donation on behalf of charitable organizations. However, many doubted it was genuine. Besides, if it really was he would not have to quickly hide his face. In addition, charitable organizations are very transparent and do not usually send people randomly going around in public places. Official ones, like UNICEF usually set up booths, and have proper pamphlets and their staff wearing the UNICEF t-shirt.

While waiting for my flight back at KLIA during the break, it now got me thinking that something similar was happening. I observed one young woman targeting people sitting alone and also approaching other people with a folder. I saw her showing a group of men some folder with photos. They listened, but after that did not donate any money whatsoever. Later on, i passed by the KFC restaurant and she targeted all the people sitting alone.

I am in no position to judge whether it was genuine, but if it really was it wasn't such a smart move. Firstly, she did not bring any identification, not even wearing a t-shirt indicating she's from some charitable organization. Secondly, I don't think many reasonable people will be convinced to donate without any verification that it is really real.

However, I do admire her courage of going round asking people for donation, be it real or not. Nevertheless, my opinion is that it is similar to the case in the Borneo Post. With this amount of courage, instead of making money out of pity and scamming others, getting a job in sales, branding or promotion would be perfect:) Obviously, won't be as easy as the charity job, but at least selling something to people that they can use.

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