Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Past

The past is history and it cannot be changed because we cannot turn back time. However, I believe it serves as a way to learn and improve for the present. 

Sometimes, I find it frustrating to remember things that have happened which may be a little unpleasant or brings back bad memories. Only then, have I understood why it sparks off so much anger when someone says something or a certain situation occurs. As human beings, it is impossible to erase past experiences, even those in kindergarten or primary school. 

As we get older, our minds become broader and we can control our emotions better. In my opinion, reflecting on the past to a certain extent is good to help make decisions, by learning from past mistakes. However, regret only causes discouragement to move on in life. 

We are as a social norm to live and work together, helping each other in the community. However, discernment is important to ensure people don't take advantage of a person. It should be two ways, sadly many times it is not. Thus, a possible safeguard is to never simply be too friendly or nice before getting to know a person well enough. Honestly, it is better to give than to receive but sometimes it can get really bad, frustrating and hurting just because of someone else. 

On a lighter note, let's live life to the fullest, and put the past into its best by helping us to make better decisions, and handle situations better =)

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