Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting the best deals to New York

Flying to a destination that is hundreds or even thousands of miles away can cost you a bomb. However, that should not stop you from making business trips, vacation trips or even you honeymoon. All you need to do is be savvy and money-smart when it comes to booking flights.

If your destination involves New York somewhere in the near future, this is your lucky day! You will find important tips right here in this article on how to book the cheapest flights to New York in order to save money and save your pockets from a burning hole!

A blessing in disguise is the fact that New York has several airports. So, you will be spoilt for choices! Why? Well, the more airports there are, the more choices you have to choose from. Thus, you can scout for the very best deal where you can save money.

One of the most popular airports is the JFK International Airport. It is the busiest airport in the USA. Located in Queens, New York, it is reachable by taxis and other mode of public transportations easily. But some do complain that the traffic in New York is simply horrendous. However, you can always opt for the subway. The important factor for you here is that this airport is home for many major airlines such as JetBlue Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. So, if you are looking for the best deals you can compare the prices between these airlines to get the best offer.

When you seek the advice of most travellers who travel by air a lot, they would tell you to compare and contrast flight prices between varieties of airlines. More often then never, we make haste and just book the first flight that we see or come to mind. Take some time to go through the prices and special offers offered by different airlines. Also, if you are planning a vacation, try to book your flights and plan your holiday during non-peak season. That means, flying to New York somewhere near Christmas would cost you a whole lot more than flying there somewhere in the middle of spring.

Another tip to book  flights to New York is to book months in advance. If you already have a confirmed date for your business trip or honeymoon, book in advance. Flight prices increases by the bay or even week. So, by booking in advance not only will you have more options, you will also land the best deals.

Other airports that you can choose from are the LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty Airport. These airports are situated in New Jersey. But don’t let that fool you. You can always travel an hour from New Jersey to New York. Search packaged deals from the internet. Packaged deals offer you more for less. They are the best kind if you have limited money to spend.

The key to choosing and booking the cheapest flights to New York is to scout for prices. Compare and contrast between the many flights available. Choose the best deal that suits you. It also helps if you book your flights in advance. So, good luck!

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