Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Every woman deserves to look and feel great about themselves. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you do not need to make yourself fit into what the world deems fit to be beautiful. We are bombarded with the images in which the media paints the perfect image of what is called beautiful-tall, thin, sexy and a pretty face. There is nothing wrong with those standards being set but it has caused many average looking woman to try to conform and be the ‘perfect’ woman only leading to much failure and severe misery.

A smart woman defines beauty in her own way and will not let exterior influences to put her down in life. What are some ways to continue living positively?

  1. Be confident
Confidence is one of the best assets a woman could possess as it can help you move on in life and achieve your goals. There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence-the latter depicts a woman who is sure of herself and is willing to take on challenges in life with a brave heart while the former simply means being big headed and looking down upon others. In fact, the first thing men look for in women is confidence and this is what makes you truly beautiful as you are secure in your own self.

  1. Dress well
Contrary to popular belief, dressing well does not need you to spend huge amounts of money on you wardrobe. It basically means dressing up neatly and having a good sense of fashion. In addition, it is good to keep up with the latest trends but a big no-no to follow blindly. Always ensure that the clothing fits your body size and makes you feel comfortable. Wearing extremely tight clothing will only cause you to keep pulling at it or become very self-conscious.

  1. Stick to your principles and character
Beauty is more than skin deep as this would fade away as we grow older. Having good looks but if the heart is evil, it makes one even uglier. Our virtues and manners are treasures that we can keep and maintain even in our old age. It is useless to dress up nicely but to speak rough words or have an empty mind with no knowledge. Be polite, well-read and let your inner beauty shine while keeping an image you feel confident with. Whenever you receive comments especially on your looks and dressing, take note of them, evaluate and find ways to improve yourself if they are constructive.

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