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If you are looking for a city break or a weekend getaway, you could definitely consider Boston. It certainly has its share of nicknames which are as interesting as the place itself. A Boston City break has to be one anyone’s must do and must see list if they are looking for a weekend getaway that promises something new, something old and everything eclectic all rolled into one. If you ever wondered how Boston came to be known as “the City of Kind Hearts” or “the Hub of the Solar System”, you will definitely find out on a city break at “Beantown”.

Boston promises a heady mix of historical attractions as well as cosmopolitan diversions. There are so many things to see and do that one weekend escapade is hardly enough to enjoy the full splendor of Boston City. There are so many trails and neighbourhoods that you can visit in Boston that the best way to enjoy Boston to its fullest is to just let your feet take you anywhere at all. You are sure bound to find a nook and cranny that suits your fancy.
North End, Boston

A must see on a Boston City break is the North End of Boston which is at the tip of the peninsula bordering onto the Atlantic. North End happens to be the oldest part of Boston and a visit to the city is definitely not complete without a look see at the history of the site. North End houses an Italian American community which is fairly apparent due to the delis, cafes and bakeries that you will notice as you traipse around the neighbourhood.

On the Southern tip of Boston, on the other hand, is where the financial hub lies. Dubbed Downtown by locals and tourists alike, you will find that this area also caters to tourists which is evident by the many shops that seem to have on offer a whole species of products and souvenirs. If you are into the nightlife, you can spend a jolly good time partying away at the Ladder District. A must see is the Old State House which is where the Declaration of Independence was read from.
Back Bay, Boston

If you are into architecture, you will definitely enjoy Back Bay which is definitely a feast for the eyes. Or if you’re into the whole flower power vibe, then head to South End to relive the devil-may-care yesteryears. Want to blend in with the students at Harvard University? All you have to do is go across the Charles River and head to Cambridge.

There are so many things to see and do at Boston that a weekend is surely not enough. However, as far as city breaks go, Boston is definitely a destination that can satiate even the most critical tourist.

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