Saturday, July 10, 2010

Think before you speak

There's a common saying in the marketplace- words don't cost a cent. Exactly- somebody can just keep talking endlessly but when it comes to real work the output is zero. However, as human beings words, comments, remarks and criticisms can leave a deep impression and impact on each individual. It either lifts you up or crushes you. Enough said, the world is harsh.

One more thing, empty bottles make a lot of noise. This is figurative but what it actually means is people who know nuts make the most noise and fuss. They also make the most spiteful, hurting and nasty comments. All these opinions are made in general, especially after reading about the recent Mr World competitor from Singapore. He was criticized for having bad pronunciation in English. The comments and even the press releases were indeed hurtful. This is just and example, but in real life the way things work are the same. One really inevitable situation is when events are organized. No matter how well planned the event is, there is bound to be some hiccups here and there. What's next? Some people who are really free blow the whole thing out of proportion and make a big fuss, thinking it's fun.

People who have never been through the situation only know how to criticize. Why? Because they fail to understand the actual situation due to lack of knowledge and experience. The only words they can express are to criticize how bad it is, and how it should been have done. Truth is- these type of people do not even have the guts to even say join a competition or perform on stage.

With enough experience, it is not difficult to tell who is empty and who really is knowledgeable. Yes, it indeed holds true there are some really smart people who love to criticize, but from the content of their speech, you can tell that it ain't all nonsense. Hence, think before you speak. If you can't do it better, stop complaining. If you wish to help the person improve, give constructive criticism instead of pulling a person down and crushing all their efforts.  

Naturally, when receiving all these baseless and stupid remarks, we tend to react and sometimes feel like beating up or slapping those people. However, why waste time dealing with fools? Always remember to assess what people comment and only take in those that were genuinely meant to help you improve. Other than that, just leave the rest behind and keep the mindset-you can't please EVERYBODY =)

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