Thursday, July 1, 2010


Trust is something that money cannot buy, it is something that is built through time, or based on one's credibility among society. Hence, it can be extremely disappointing if one who is known to be trustworthy does not seem to keep to their word. However, as what many would say- promises are meant to be broken. This post is not pinpointing to anyone in particular, just my two cents on what I think in certain issues.

People who have started from bottom up tend to remember their roots even when they have made it compared to those who have been given a fortune. They understand what it is like to just start out and the blood sweat hard work needed to reach their goals. However, some who have made it only wish to associate with people who have proved to be successful. I will never forget this and thus, in future I will also not recognize or look at these people. They do not deserve to be trusted at all. It is easy to hang around people (which most like to do) but extremely difficult to believe in someone and stand by them through difficult times.

On a lighter note, what is life if everything sails and moves as desired? If it were this way, there will be no difficulties, no pain and no suffering. What does not kill you, only makes you stronger. Never let disappointment in people (even those known to be so high and mighty) to kill you emotionally or mentally. The world is indeed evil, hence be on your lookout. The best lessons learnt in life are our very own mistakes in the past, and so I will rise up and carry on without any explanation. There is no need for one, since many things in life are better left unspoken.

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