Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tour guide scolds tourists

Whenever you go on a tour, you'll most probably be brought to stop by certain shops to pick up souvenirs or some local health products. Logically, any shop would definitely wish to be chosen by tour groups as they can probably make a lot of money out of tourists. Of course to get to be on the list, the shops have to be selling something unique and be of reasonable quality. Nevertheless, the tour guides are usually paid some commission for bringing the tourists to the selected shops.

Well, nothing wrong with all those incentives but things might have gone a little too far if tour guides scold or force tourists to shop at those selected shops. About a month ago, this scenario played out in Hong Kong as one of the tourists recorded the tour guide scolding the tourists from China for spending too little. You can watch the video here.

As a result of this blow up, the tour guide had to make a public apology as it had sparked the anger of many parties including the China authorities. Indeed, there's always two sides of the story. Tourists can also be difficult people, having high demands and not being satisfied easily. Being a tour guide is also no easy job and the basic pay may not actually be very attractive considering the amount of work and time taken. However, tourists are still the customers and it is also their prerogative with regards to the amount they want to spend. Perhaps those products are just not to their interest or they find it to be of no use to them. 

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