Monday, May 7, 2012

Palace of the Golden Horses

Palace of Golden Horses is a little out of the way from Kuala Lumpur city centre (about 30mins by car) but with the resort facilities, golfing and theme parks it can be a self-sufficient stay. Large rooms with bulky European furnishings, most offer nice views of the lake. Interestingly, the horse motif is repeated in the carpeting. Large rooms with bulky European furnishings, most offer nice views of the lake. Interestingly, the horse motif is repeated in the carpeting. Situated on the shores of a magnificent 150-acre lake in the Mines resort city, the hotel serves as a resort getaway within the outskirts of metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. It is located just 20 minutes away from the city centre and 35 minute drive from KLIA.

Carousel Cafe Restaurant, an all day dining restaurant with a fairground setting offers a-la carte menu and buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The chef's gastronomic array of cuisine from local fare to international delights will surely satisfy guest's culinary cravings. Cavallini's Italian Restaurant, an Avant-Garde restaurant with a cosy setting complemented with fine food, wine and cigars. Cavallini's offers an array of exciting Northern Italian cuisine with a lively display kitchen. Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant is an exquisite yet relaxed dining place where guests are feted to gastronomic delights from dainty Dim Sum to the innovative flavors of our modern Cantonese cuisine. Kin No Uma Restaurant offers only the finest sushi, kaiseki, tempura, teppanyaki and many more in a sophisticated decor that combines contemporary influences with traditional Japanese design. With a majestically designed architecture overlooking a scenic lake, the Grand Salon Lobby Lounge has a cosy atmosphere where guests can enjoy light music and sampling afternoon tea or evening cocktails. 

The Polo Club is the place to unwind while you enjoy fine cigars and aged cognacs together with a relaxing game of pool. At the Seahorse Pool side Cafe, enjoy your favourite or snack in a laid back and easy going atmosphere. A building with an air of Middle Eastern charm complete with towers and minarets, sprawling gardens with palm trees and golf course. The enchanting palatial hotel offers a harmonious blend of the best of Moorish and Malaysian architecture. Continuing the Middle Eastern theme, the large lobby boast equally large ornate pillar and a huge dome depicting it namesake - 6 prancing horses painted on the ceiling of the dome.

Source: hotelscombined

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